[Financial & Accounting Information Engineering]
This course introduces the basic concepts of derivatives (futures and options), their effectiveness, and their trading mechanisms. Students will have the opportunity to trade in the real-world options markets to learn about how the market actually works. Furthermore, the curriculum includes various artificial intelligence techniques that are used in financial management.

[Using artificial intelligence to design financial system]
The students will learn about the futures and options markets in general, and the gain basic expertise on various trading systems. Students will develop their own investment strategies based on the curriculum, and TradeStation and GOM(Gosu Object Model) are used to design and develop trading systems.

[Advanced Investment Engineering]
This course deals with the topics related to financial forecasting with empirical studies. The course focuses on futures and options market. Based on investment strategies using nonlinear statistical methods and artificial intelligence tools, we learn how derivatives can be issued and applied to the financial market. Furthermore, students are encouraged to deepen and improve the financial modeling in futures and options market.